Sunday, May 18, 2008

Marji - My Project plans

I know that most everyone will be making One coat - I also know that I'm on a mission to sew up some of my really special pieces, and I'm using this sew-along as an excuse to do that and satisfy my over-achiever tendencies. Therefore - I've got 3 on the drawing board to muslin up.

My Planned projects for this sew-along.

Using the Vintage Molyneux pattern and the felted wool from Ungaro that I have in stash, I plan to make one long coat. This pattern features an inseam pocket (with flap) and a roll collar. There is an interesting detail here in that the princess seam notches out toward the side seam at the pocket level.
In order to use a fabulous piece of red cashmere from The Wool House in Toronto, that's been in my stash since Sept of 2005, I'm planning to make this from Michael Kors. I will make real welt pockets. Can't imagine that MK would have been content to sew flaps on a jacket. And even if he is, I'm not.
And the last number on the agenda is this fabulous outfit by Guy Laroche. I broke my no fabric rule and ordered the wool/cashmere blend from Gorgeous Fabrics, because it's a perfect match to the green based plaid wool that's been in my stash since the dinosaurs roamed the earth - sometime around 1985. I'll make the wide leg pants in the plaid and use the Cashmere blend Syrah coating for the jacket.

Between the 3 I should have most techniques covered.

I see on the poll on the sidebar that 75% of those who've answered the question there already have the fabric in their stash.
So, show us what you're planning, we'd love to see.


Sigrid said...

Wow, you're really planning to make 3 coats? My favorite is your second, the Michael Kors pattern, but the others are great too.

Michelle said...

I also have that same Michael Kors pattern and have a piece of fabric with a tiny houndstooth print in pink and black. It's just a wool suiting, though, so it will be more of a blazer than a coat when I am done with it.

Sandra said...

Wow, I'll be happy just to have ONE coat done! I do love that Michael Kors pattern also.

Vicki said...

I want to use what is in my stash, but I don't have enough of anything for a long coat. And I don't really need one in Melbourne. It does get cold, but not that cold and i drive to work and park in the same building;)

So I will probably make a couple of smaller jackets/coats that I can wear over long sleeve tops and jeans - hopefully I have enough for that!