Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dawn: Done!

Forgive the not-great photos. I have a cold and pink eye and my husband has don't-like-to-stand-outside-and-take-pictures-of-wife-itis.

Me as a flasher. Just had to show you the inside. :)
Lots of details here on my blog and here is the review on

MaryPat's progress

Well, I am still here and still working on a coat. I have just finished a very busy period at work, which left no time for sewing or anything recreational except, apparently, eating. I tried on my muslin today, to find that is doesn't do up any longer. Fortunately for me, I began two coats. I guess I will continue on the looser one and focus on losing some of this extra weight so that what I have done doesn't go to waste.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dawn: Making Headway

I've made a bit of progress on The Coat and I thought I would post a tip. I used those garage sale stickers to keep the right side and wrong side sorted out. This is dark purple melton wool and it's hard to decipher the right side. I figured the best offense was a good defense. I attached these stickers to the wrong sides of the fabric as I was cutting so I would always know which side was which. These stickers barely stick to regular garage sale things so I knew that them leaving behind residue was not going to be a problem. Before I fused on the interfacing, I removed them of course. That, and they amuse me. These stickers say Make An Offer. It's funny to "open" all the stacks and see what's inside. It's kind of like fortune cookies but, with these, you have to be much more reflective because most of them are prices.

I took several full length photos of the coat but they were all blurry, dark, and crappy. So I settled on two that turned out okay. This is the princess seam detailing with one of the belt loops and belt. When I take the real pictures it will have to be outside during the few daylight hours we have.

Is this lining great or what? This fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics.

All I have left is to attach the wigan, attach the lining sleeves to the fabric sleeves, sew the hem, attach buttons, sew buttonholes, do a lot of pressing, and do a little topstitching. I am using the Kathleen Fasanella jacket bagging series to line this coat. Although, I'm pretty sure the last time I used this tutorial these was another group of photos that actually showed the process of attaching the lining to the sleeves and everything. Anyone know where it went?
It seems like a lot now that I wrote it all out. Hopefully I'll have it done by the end of the week.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tany's coat: finished!

Here’s the finished coat:

I was planning to take better pictures of me with the coat on, outside and with natural light but my family came to visit and all my plans have changed, so these are what I have for now (I’ll post better pictures as soon as I can). Photographing black velvet is very hard and the flashlight really changes the coat’s appearance; it looks like it has more reflexes; the coat is much more beautiful in real life and I feel really great wearing it!

You can see more pictures and read a full review at my blog (click here)