Friday, December 25, 2009

Welcome to The Great Coat Sewalong

I'd like to welcome you to view the process and progress of a number of sewists as we've journeyed together to make well tailored winter coats in a venture I titled

The Great Coat Sewalong.

Along the way everyone who's participated has put themselves forward and given and accepted advice and encouragement. Especially I'd like to thank, for their added input and participation:
Linda F - administrative blog stuff
Lindsay T - editing and administrative blog input
Els of the Sewing Divas for her wonderful advice, well written tutorials, as well as for sending over those wonderful sleeve heads.
Tany and Paco Peralta for beautifully written and illustrated tutorials.
Ann Steeves and Kathleen Fasanella for input and allowing links to their tutorials.

And every participant for putting it all out there.

If you are a member of this Great Coat Sewalong and are still sewing (some of us are, you know), you still have posting and commenting privileges.

If you are an observer viewing this for the first time, enjoy! There are links on the sidebar to various different aspects of this sewalong, from sources to a list of who's making what pattern to links to posts with some guidelines. Be sure to scroll way back to the beginning to see what went into the preliminaries, prior to cutting into the fabric. The effort many members put into fitting will be an eye-opener.

If you are not a member here you will not have the ability to comment or post to this blog. If you'd like to comment on an individual's efforts you may follow the links provided in their own posts to their individual blogs. Many of the participants also can be found in the message boards on Stitchers Guild and on Pattern Review.

Have fun!

*Please note that while you are free to avail yourself of the information contained herein, and you are free to link to this blog on your blog, please note that none of this information may be copied or reproduced. The exception is that content of each participants post's may be duplicated only by the creator of the post, and he/she has the right to publish it wherever they please.