Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I finished!

After months and months of inactivity, I managed to finish this, my first ever coat, while it's still cold outside!

If you'll remember, way back in May I laid out what I wanted from this coat:

As far as my coat needs go, I walk to work about 35 minutes each way every day, and my commute takes me over the very windy Tower Bridge! So I need my coat to be very windproof and warm (which I think the Thinsulate will provide) but also very long so my legs don’t get too cold. I know from experience that the wind goes right through jeans and corduroys, and god help me if I’m wearing a skirt!

I can safely say that I've succeeded! This is by far the warmest coat I've ever had - even when we had gales on the river a few nights ago, I didn't feel a thing through the coat (though I could through my scarf and double socks, ugh!). The walking ease really helps, too - unless the wind is blowing directly from my left, the flaps stay closed of their own accord and my legs stay extra toasty. It's not particularly fashionable and the shape isn't exactly flattering, but it's warm and that's what I wanted!! I feel I could join the Russian army with this coat with just the addition of a fur hat...

I've got a ridiculous amount of photos and way, way more backstory on everything I did with this coat over at! Thank you again, Marji!!