Saturday, August 23, 2008

Question from Jenny

I have a problem.  My fabric smells bad.  I followed the suggestions for preparing my fabric (wool flannel), and now is stinks.  It first smelled bad after I wrapped it in the sheet, but I figured that was just a wet wool issue.  I've steamed it, though, and now it is dry, and while it's not as bad as when it was wet, it still smells.   Any ideas what happened or how to fix it?  Also, will it smell like this whenever it gets wet (like if I'm caught in the rain in my new coat)?  Thanks.

Once I resolve the smelly fabric issue, I think I'm ready to cut everything out.  If you didn't see my muslin and are curious, here it is.

I also have a photo of all my materials (except the flannel interlining).  The white-ish fabric on the bottom is the coat material, the blue with butterflies is the lining (a nice, thick brocade - not silk, though, unfortunately), and, of course, my buttons for front, back belt, and sleeve cuffs.