Sunday, June 29, 2008

poppy's mccalls 5513 muslin

this is my first ever muslin and only 2nd coat so I'm nervous/ excited for the outcome:
I'm short (5' 3") usually I need to shorten but the pattern is such that I don't think it matters if I shorten?  it only allows 1" ease on top, I would say I have about 1/2" across the bust. otherwise its pretty loose fitting waist and below.
here's  the pattern link any comments welcome, thanks.


Digs said...

The muslin's much too tight in the bodice, ie, across your shoulders, back & chest. The bodice also looks too short in the front - the empire seam should be below your bust. Can I suggest you re-cut the bodice 1 size bigger in the back, 2 sizes bigger in the front? You can probably use the same sleeves & skirt. I also think the proportions would work better if you were to lengthen the skirt an inch or two. I see the bodice & skirt lengths are fairly equal on the technical drawing, but the skirt on the model's coat is significantly longer than the bodice, and it's a more flattering look, IMO.

poppy said...

thanks.I definitely agree about the top- its a challenge I have on a lot of items. I'm going to start right away!

Marji said...

Poppy, I also think you need to do an FBA to your pattern before you cut a larger size. If you don't have any books that will tell you how to do it, maybe someone here can put up a link to Debbie Cook's online tutorials. She's really got the FBA covered. The FBA will add length to your bodice and will give you more room right where you need it.
I agree with Digs that you also need a larger size, but a large size alone isn't going to do it.
I also think Digs has a great point about the "skirt" portion of the coat being different in the illustration than the line drawing and the actual drafting. Try the mathematical proportion of 2/5's of the overal length in the bodice and 3/5's in the skirt. It will probably be more pleasing.

Linda said...

This coat is so cute. I would love to make one for my daughter. I would love to make one for myself, but I needed to do that about 10 years ago. I am afraid that if I wore it now I would look like I was trying to be an age I'm not. Or am I wrong (hint, hint). I'll be watching the outcome of this. Are you going to have something embroidered on the back?

Linda said...

I forgot to add there is also the problem with chest size. This looks good on the average size bust. I'm afraid that someone larger than you (aka - me) would not look good in this style. But my daughter would be perfect for this. I just talked myself out of making this for me. Once I mention my daughter twice, then I think my intuition is trying to tell me something. Darn! I'll just have to live vicariously through you.

poppy said...

nothing on the back-I like the clean black lines , although I do like the look of the red with black detail from the envelope

as far as the bust goes, I definitely have had 2nd thoughts since I agree that it looks nice on the flatter models, I hope it works!