Sunday, June 29, 2008

Marji: Tips for Presenting Your Fitting Muslin

  1. As unnatural as it seems, stand straight - no Heidi Klum one-leg-in-front-of-the-other poses, as attractive as they may be.
  2. Get a full front shot (no 3/4 poses either, sorry), a full back view, and a side view.
  3. Make sure that you've stitched your armscye and neck edge seams. This serves to mark them as well as serves as staystitching. Trim enough of the seam allowance off of your armscye so that the seam allowance isn't pulling on your clothes, then clip to the stitching line at the underarm. (I did a bit of clipping on mine, but not enough, and left too much seam allowance - if you don't clip, just know that some wrinkles may occur, be wary not to read them as drag lines)
  4. Press your seams on your muslin, then try it on right side out.
  5. Draw your grain lines on each piece, in pencil or marking pen, anything that is visible, on the right side. edit to add:
  6. It would be very helpful if you could also add a pattern pic or preferably a line drawing of the style and view you're making.
  7. *Important: Cut off or fold under your seam allowances up the front
  8. and fold under and press the seam allowances around the neck edge, the ones that attach to your collar, if you're making your first fitting muslin without collar attached.
  9. Els has been writing this individually on everyone's comments, but I'm going to put it up here since it appears that everyone isn't necessarily reading everyone else's comments: PUT BOTH SLEEVES IN. Putting only one sleeve in unbalances the garment and pulls everything to one side. If your body fit is close enough to evaluate with sleeves in, then put in both. They don't need to be set-in pretty, there can be ugly little tucks where the ease is, just distribute your ease evenly where it should be - but PUT BOTH IN!

I invite everyone to post their fitting muslins as they get them started, and I invite anyone with constructive suggestions to post them.

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ejvc said...

Thanks for this, I was wondering what to do with mine since the sleeves are also the shoulder - can't do a muslin without the sleeves, so I'm glad to see you want them in!