Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Edit: I've just entered the timeline onto the sidebar, so I'm un-postdating this entry. It should fall down to the end of the site now, in real chronological order.

I'm really excited about the enthusiasm for this project.
Thanks for bearing with me while I get it all set up.

Right now I'm thinking that next week I'll finish the source list and start a materials list for what you'll need.

I plan to discuss:

  • Fabric
  • underlining and interlining
  • interfacings
  • linings

all the rest of it (shoulder pads, sleeve heads, wiggan, etc, can wait for awhile)

June 1
I want to start going through the muslin process.
I'm assuming that everyone is going to want to make a fitting muslin, to check both the fit and the style.

July 1
I'll put up the first post about beginning construction

I'd like to take a poll now. *see poll on sidebar. Also, you may leave a message in the comments
How many are planning a notched collar with roll line and how many are planning a coat with a stand up or peterpan or other type of collar?
If you don't have a pattern or haven't made a decision yet, please let us know that too.
Have you chosen a pattern? If so, which one?

If you have pattern and fabric already, feel free to post. we'd love to see pics.
In fact, I plan to put a list of links down the sidebar for pattern numbers and fabric.

Thanks everyone for your interest and participation.
ps. I'm post dating this post to keep it at the top for awhile.


Unknown said...

I want to do a large notched collar, but kind of portrait or platter in shape. I want the edges bound in black velvet. Coat will be black wool.

MarilynB said...

I don't know what pattern I will use, but I would like to sew a coat with a peter pan type collar. The length will either be full or 3/4. I have time to think about these. I agree that a muslin is a must before the actual sewing begins. I do have my wool, it is a taupe wool/cashmere blend.

Sigrid said...

Thanks Marji for all the preliminary work.
Don't know which coat I'll make. And have to check the definitions for the collars first (notched collar with roll line? peter pan collar?). My English vocabulary is not up to these words! Don't worry, I'll find it.

Mon Café Couture said...

Hello Marji, I would like to take part in this coat sew along, is there still place for one more participant? I have already the fabric, not the lining yet, neither the pattern, but I see it more like a 60s style. Thanks for your initiative ( Ann from Ann's Fashion sdtudio gave me the information). Lucia

Nancy K said...

I think that I am going to use a Burda Style pattern for my raincoat and Vogue 2886 from Guy Laroche for the jacket, which I may shorten. I sent for some samples for the jacket. I have Burberry double sided raincoat fabric and matching lining for the raincoat. I am still looking for fabric for the button out lining. I would love red wool and cashmere blend. I sent for samples for jacket. I want a camel color to go with all my gray!