Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This post, and the most recent and relevant posts offering some direction will be post-dated to keep them at the top of the thread. In order to see what others are posting, after you’ve read the top posts, please scroll down.
As soon as we move on to the next step, or I think everyone has had a reasonable amount of time to view a post up top, I’ll edit the date so that it can fall back where it will chronologically, and will post a link for it on the index in the top box on the sidebar. There are several links there already, beginning with the one on pattern ideas.

I am honored, humbled, and more than a little intimidated that several true experts in the sewing field and sewing blogosphere have written me to offer help and use of links to their tutorials, and/or accepted invitations to sit in and observe here. You’ll notice some of their names already on the sidebar.
Thanks and Welcome to Gorgeous Things AnnS, Els, Kathryn, FashionIncubator’s KathleenF, Liana, MaryBeth, PacoPeralta, and to Tany and Summerset who’re sewing along with us.

You’ve all noticed, this sew-along is now closed and viewable to members only.
1. Blogger only allows for 100 members on a blog now. With 88 people who’ve been sent invites who want to sew-along, and another 10 who’ve been invited to observe, we’ve limited out on blogger!
2. It will keep us all on track if everyone begins at the same date – at least viewing the information if not actually cutting into fabric. If I left this open to view, we’d end up with people coming in all along the process, and eating up a lot of my time asking questions trying to play catch-up. I learned this a long time ago, teaching classes.
I’m seriously considering opening the whole blog up to public view, in October, after the sewalong is finished, and After I’ve had a chance to edit out what I may decide to keep aside as course material to be used at a later date, and After you’ve all had the opportunity to edit anything that you may not want open for public consumption. I’ve gotten a few emails from people who work in public areas and are happy this is a closed blog right now. You’ll have an opportunity to remove anything you post later, before I publish this for anyone to see.

I’ve noted that I may decide to go ahead and use what I’m developing here, as course material. Please be assured that I will not use anything you post, nor will I use any tutorials I link to, without express permission, which I will seek if I decide to pursue this avenue.
Please, if you want to share what you’re making here, by all means, do so on your own blog. Again, I just ask that you not publish any of the directions I write, or copy any of the tutorials I link to, without getting the permission of the person to whom the tutorial belongs.

Happy Coat Sewing – this is going to be fun!


Rose said...

This is such a great opportunity for me to enhance my sewing skills. I am intimidated by all the names of people who are sewing along or assisting. I figure all of them had to start somewhere. This project is pushing me to finish current projects so that I can focus on the coat.

Ann Made Studio said...

This is all so very exciting! Sewing along with all these great people will be a wonderful experience.

nancy2001 said...

It's very exciting to be part of this group. I'm very eager to improve my tailoring skills so I can sew a suit jacket I'm proud to wear.

BCN - UNIQUE designer patterns said...

Marji .- thank you for allowing us access to this blog. this experience will be rewarding for all of us. I am happy to see so much animation. greetings and happy sewing (coats of course) ... Paco

Meg said...

Wow, Marji, you are a true blog phenomenon. Do you have enough Prozac to get through this?! ;)

Tany said...

Marji and all the participants/observers: I am also very honored to play a small part in this fantastic event and to be side by side with people whom, like me, love sewing and enjoy sharing it with others (both skilled dressmakers/tailors , hobbyists and beginners). As some of you already know I am self-taught. I've never had sewing classes or tailoring classes. What makes me build my skills is my personal experience since I was 12, the extraordinary amount of information in the Internet (the many websites and blogs, sewing forums, etc), the books I collect and the advice I receive from friends (among many are Marji and some of the people enlisted here). I may not always follow the “traditional procedures”, my "common sense" may be different from yours but I am willing to participate by sharing what I do and what works for me, helping whenever I can and learning from this great sewing joint venture, as each of us will certainly learn a lot from this. I greet you all and let’s make some coats!

Kathleen Fasanella said...

I'm excited to lurk along. Not quite sure of my role here. I work in manufacturing, specifically COATS of all things. Heh. I love to make coats, I've made all kinds. I think my preference is leather coats. The material is malleable in ways fabric isn't. It's trickier to draft for (read: negative ease in sleeve caps). It's really not hard to work with but people assign you lots of brownie points due to the intimidation factor.

Also, I hate that I have to use blogger because it links to a blog I had three years ago. My real blog is http://www.fashion-incubator.com