Sunday, June 1, 2008

Zoubida's Choices

I finally made my choices and like many others here, I can't settle for one. So I'll post the two coats here but I'll probably won't have time to make them both in the Great Coat Sew-Along time frame. I'm a slow-sewist and barely intermediate in skills.

So here how it goes :

First the Vogue 1032. This is a challenging pattern for my sewing skills. I'll have to practise few techniques I never used such as welt pockets, lapel, kimono sleeves with gusset and shoulder pads. Bound buttonholes are not yet a natural for me. I only did tests and never used them on a garement yet.

Also on my "possibles" is this one from Burda Moden December 1979. This one is seems an easier option but still calls for some interesting sewing techniques I want to explore, such as welt pockets and rows of topstitching. It doesn't have any closing except for a self-fabric belt which won't suit my body type. I'll have to figure something out because no closing is not an option in winter here. The pattern doesn't call for a lining, that too isn't an option. Lined it'll be.
I already made choices of fabric for both, just in case I can make the two of them. No picture of them yet since they are ordered online and the supplier doesn't allow the use of photographs from its site.

I have prepared and set-up an on-line sewing journal few months ago and never wrote anything in it. I began today with the Great Coat Sew-Along subject and will continue to post about my progress there. It's not a Blogger's account so here's the link Journal d'activité - Sewing Journal.

Thank you Marji for this great journey you're offering us. And a special thanks to LindaF for helping in the administration of this blog.


Claire said...

I love the first coat. That coat has an elegant line that I personally love. Just think of the new techniques you'll learn with the 1st coat. ;o) But don't listen to me since I'm just butting in without being asked.

Journal Actif said...

On the countrary Claire, opinions are welcome. The Vogue coat promises to be such a learning experience and maybe I should take the generous time-frame of this sew-along as an opportunity to test thouroughly new techniques before applying them to the coat.
Thanks for "butting in" :-))

Marji said...

Zoubida, both are lovely choices, and I've seen your fabric swatches - fabulous!
I encourage you to take this opportunity to spread your sewing wings and go ahead and construct the one that you feel will be most challenging. I know this sounds cliche, but until you've put some of those elements into a garment - you'll always be at the stage of "haven't done it yet". And welt pockets are just big bound buttonholes. You'll get lots of help and encouragement here. Go for it.

Journal Actif said...

Then the choice is made and the Vogue it'll be! I loved it the second I saw it anyway and I have this pattern on my desk almost all the time. So here we go, it'll go from "dream-material" to reality in this sew-along.

Linda said...

I love your vintage coat pattern choice. Wow, it looks so elegant.