Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Silver Threads' Coat(s)

I sewed a coat last year and had so much fun that I gave the coat to my sister in order to justify why I needed to sew a new coat this year. So I've splurged and I'm really sewing three coats, tho I realize I probably won't finish them all. My criteria for the coats is that they are fun to wear and fashionable. I'm not looking for conservative or warmth, but rather something I'd never buy off the rack because I'm too practical. To me, that's the reason I sew-- to indulge my creative spirit.

The first coat I'm sewing is a Burda pattern -- Burda 8292. I'm using a bright orange cashmere/wool blend purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics. (Above left is prototype)

The second coat I'm sewing is a paisley trench coat from Simplicity 4084. I was able to get enough paisley trench material from Textile Studio to do the job. The prototype for the trench in the paisley fabric is below.

Then finally, thanks to this board, I was able to get Burberry fabric from Michael's ( what customer service!!!) to complete Simplicity 3672 (I think...) which is a longer coat in a different trench style. I'm contemplating doing this coat in denim, instead since I also want an over-the-top denim coat to wear this fall. Still undecided on this one. In the meantime, though, I will have this wonderful red burberry fabric in my stash for something else.



Nancy K said...

Your choices look great. I am making the Simplicity trench too, though I am going to change some details on it, in black Burberry from Michaels.

Christine said...

Can someone explain how you find the Burberry fabrics on the Michael's website (I'm looking at michaelsfabrics.com - I think that's the right place)? There's no search function on the home page, or anywhere else on the website,as far as I can tell.