Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've just posted photos of my muslin over at my blog GMarie Sews. Please go take a look and let me know what you think.

Your opinions and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


Digs said...

Your photos are excellent, Gaylen. What I see is that the waistline is too tight, and TOO LOW - raise it 1.5 inch (make a 3/4" pleat above the waist on the muslin & pattern), and then let it out. If you open the seams between bust point to just below waist, that'll show you how much more you'll need for a free & comfortable hang... I'd do it on the back as well as front & side seams. You may want a smidgen more room in the bust, too.
The neckline seems a little tight, but the shoulders are good, I wouldn't size them up, and you can increase neckline ease at the collar setting stage later, if you wish. The hips seem good too, this is a pattern with a fitted waist but lots of room below. So, how about you raise the waist and go up a size (or two?) from bust to below waist, but leave shoulders & hips as they are. That should really help, I hope!

Mary OK said...

I think Digs has nailed it -- it swings forward because there is not enough fabric in the front. See if those adjustments help.
I agree, the shoulders look great.

YOu can turn under the seam allowance on the neck edge to see if it fits better around the neck.