Monday, January 26, 2009

Progress, finally

I have finally cut out and interfaced my coat and started sewing the lining. I got waylaid by shoulder problems and then surgery. A whole lot better these days and I am getting some sewing done. I will post pictures when I am further along. Right now I am trying to decide whether to add buttons or not. My dh bought me 2 large buttons on ebay from my favorite jewelry designer. I really need to decide soon if I want to make bound buttonholes, or I'll be taking it in to Jonathan's to make machine made buttonholes because my machine will never work on this thick fabric.


Marji said...

Way to go Nancy. I can't wait to see that happy yellow wool become a coat.
Happy too to hear that your shoulder is better.

Nancy K said...

I had a real accident with this coat. It was resting against the iron, horrors, and a burn occurred. I am fortunate the it will be covered by that very large collar! I have certainly made mistakes, but this one really is a first for me.