Monday, February 28, 2011

I am done

Finally, after a long hiatus, my new winter coat is complete.

The details,

Butterick 4665, now out of print, wool melton cloth, with silk tie fabric lining both from Fabric Mart, I think. Some stash buttons. My sewing skills were a bit rusty but things gradually came back to me. I have worn the coat out in the snow in Toronto. I have knit a lot of scarves to go with the coat over the last couple of years, it will be a pleasure to get them out and use them. I am quite pleased with the fit. I feel ready to start another coat or jacket. It does look like my pressing could be better.

Thanks to everyone on the blog who helped me through this and also my husband who photographed and told me how things were fitting that I couldn't see in the mirror.


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