Monday, January 19, 2009

I've Only Just Begun

I've finally gathered all of my supplies - except maybe shoulder pads, which I thought I had ordered with my samples and other supplies, but. . . . I did purchase some at JoAnns today. I don't know if they will work, but they will be a start. I ordered interfacing today.

I also managed to trace the important pattern pieces for a muslin. My goal is to press and cut the muslin after work this week and get it to photo stage before the weekend.

When I purchase the wool from Ann, she said I didn't need to worry about pre-treating. Should I take it to my local dry cleaners to steam, or will it be fine? Also, how should I pretreat the lining? It's poly? Machine wash & dry even though the coat will be dry cleaned?

I've stalled on converting the sleeve to two pieces. I'm not sure if I'll carry on with that or just use the one piece sleeve since I don't really understand the significance of the sleeve being in two pieces. Okay - off to cook dinner.


Digs said...

Gaylen, great to see you getting ahead.

A two piece sleeve will sew up with a forward-curving shape that mimics the natural curve of your arm. It's much harder to achieve this with a single piece sleeve. This is not important with very fine & flexible blouse-weight fabrics, but is when it comes to jackets & coats. Perhaps you can use a 2 piece sleeve pattern you already have, and just modify its sleeve head size?

I always pre-wash all my washable (and often not-so-washable) fabrics - so I'd toss the poly lining into the wash & dryer, if for no other reason than to remove factory oils etc.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Patricia said...

You can do it! I have faith, (mainly because I hope to finish another one as well.) Winter is not over yet and where will you store all that stuff if you don't complete it?

Marji said...

Yay Gaylen!