Monday, November 30, 2009

A Gallery for finished Coats

In the wearable muslin category, Digs got it down, July 13. See more pics and full post here.

Line honors go to Summerset, who finished her project early in October.

Posted Oct 13, 2008

By Summerset, Vogue 2873 Final post here

Posted Oct 22, 2008

Digs Burda 7856 (in addition to or in place of the major project that is in the works)

Posted Nov 12, 2008

KayY's coat. Vintage Pattern. Vogue 2671 Dior Coat. Pattern Review here

Posted Nov 13, 2008

Lindsay T's coat. Vogue 7978 Pattern review here

Posted Nov 23

Tany's coat. Blog details with further links here


Ann of Anns Fashion Studio

Ann of Gorgeous Things

Cennetta of Mahogany Stylist

Liana's cashmere coat


Erika B

Melissa of Fehr Trade



Cafe Couture

Still under construction
(as far as I know):

Claire S.
Mary OK
Susan (fabricluver)


Dawn said...

I have the front and back put together and topstitched (did that this morning). I am just trying to figure out how to do the collar. The pattern directions have you sew the undercollar to the lining and facings and the collar to the coat. Then you sew everything together RST. Is that an okay way to do it? I don't know exactly how to do that whole "Pad Stitching" gig because my coat doesn't fold over, it just has the collar.

Tonight I'll cut the lining and maybe attach the sleeves.

Journal Actif said...

I'm still testing bound buttonholes on scraps of the thick wool. I have next Friday off and will continue working on them. The features of the coat make it a challenge for my limited sewing skills. I'm concentrating on not turning it into a wadder.

Journal Actif said...

Beautiful coats and impressive work featured here. Bravo !

Sigrid said...

What great results so far. Love to see them.

Marji, you did miss my posting on the coat here, as there is nothing to tell. I did change the pattern to a BWOF pattern, and have yet to make a second muslin on that one.
And though I have a fabric that I absolutely love, it is a difficult fabric, and probably that is also a (mental) reason why I'm not starting and doing other things instead. I considered buying an easier fabric to work with, and did not make that decision yet.
But your roll call certainly gets the project back in my mind again. Thanks for that.

Claire S. said...

Checking in for the roll call.

I'm still plodding along...

While debating snaps as the pattern calls for or bound buttonholes (another new technique) I started working on the back pieces. They're sewn together, the SA's are catch-stitched down and I'll attach the interfacing to the back tomorrow.

Digs said...

What with snow flurries now circling on almost a daily basis, I'm definitely ready to start on the big one - as soon as DH returns home & frees me from the drudgery of cooking. I'll probably be the last to finish.....

Lisette M said...

To refresh myself on tailoring techniques I picked up a jacket project from last year. As soon as I'm done I will continue with my coat(I'm afraid I haven't even cut it yet...)

Jean in NC said...

Hi Marji,
It is very inspiring to see so many beautiful coats as they are finished. My coat is still a work in progress. I have decided to interline the lining to add a little warmth. I am following the technique described in the Singer Tailoring book. Hopefully I will complete the coat within the next couple of weeks.

Bunny said...

I am at the bound buttonhole stage. Then it is on to hand picking the seams.

Jenny said...

I need to make my bound buttonholes at the sleeve edges, hem the bottom and sleeves, and attach the lining (which is already constructed). Wow, that sounds like so little to do and yet seems so daunting at the moment!

Suit Yourself Couture said...

I am almost finished with my coat. I just have the sleeve lining to insert and to sew on the buttons. I hope to be done by the end of the month. I love my coat!

Mary OK said...

I am making such SLOW progress. I have the bound buttonholes done, the velvet collar made, and pad stitching done on one front. We are decorating the house for the holidays now, and preparing for two parties, so I have packed the coat pieces into a plastic box so I can easily tuck my project materials out of sight. I hope to make major progress Friday and Saturday, but probably won't finish the coat until the week after Christmas.

Digs said...

I had the opportunity to compliment KayY on her coat in person yesterday. It's really gorgeous - the wool texture is fantastic in real life, and the bias cut makes it wonderfully original.

Mary, don't feel bad about going slowly - I won't even be able to cut mine out till the coming weekend! I do hope the blog will stay open till us stragglers can finish.

Heidi said...

Count me in as someone rounding up the caboose! I decided in mid-June to move across the country in August. Then I could not, for the life of me, find a black wool coating that was not cashmere! Finally ordered some from Kashi, sight unseen, because I was getting desparate.

I have yet to cut out my coat. I did finish a jacket I started in January (my first ever), so I did accomplish something. Digs, you and I might be in the race to finish last!

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